Gen Con 2020


Date(s) – 30/​07/​2020 – 03/​08/​2020

India­na Con­ven­ti­on Cen­ter


Gen Con is the ori­gi­nal, lon­gest-run­ning gaming con­ven­ti­on in the world!

Foun­ded in 1968, Gen Con hosts the lar­gest con­su­mer hob­by, fan­ta­sy, sci­ence fic­tion, and adven­ture game con­ven­ti­on in North Ame­ri­ca. With 500 exhi­bi­t­ing game com­pa­nies, award-win­ning aut­hors and artists, vibrant cos­tu­mes, thousands of events, fami­ly enter­tain­ment, food trucks, a beer gar­den, and the debut of hund­reds of exci­ting new games, Gen Con tru­ly is The Best Four Days in Gaming™.

Get your badge now for the “can’t miss” gaming event of the year!

As repor­ted in the Indy­Star, 4‑Day bad­ges for Gen Con 2020 are rapidly approa­ching sell out quan­ti­ties. Inte­res­ted in atten­ding all four days? Don’t wait to buy your badge!


Regel­ver­ste­her, Chef­stra­te­ge und Star(t)spieler – nicht zuletzt auch noch der Zustän­di­ge für die­se Sei­te und alle Com­pu­ter­din­ge, die so anfal­len.

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